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Policy & Terms of Use - Responsibility:


It is the responsibility of the end user to obtain and obey all the applicable local, state, provincial and federal laws in regard to the use of any product offered on this website. If you are unsure or in doubt, please consult your local, state and provincial laws before ordering. The buyer represents that any products ordered will only be used in a legal and lawful manner in accordance with the laws and regulations of the buyer's province or state. The buyer accepts the product on the condition that he/she assumes all risk to persons or property arising from the use or handling of this product. Motorized scooters are classified as restricted use motorcycles and are not intended for use on public highways. Intended for off-road use only. Some provinces or states may have additional restrictions.

The purchaser of any product offered on this web site agrees to: 1. Wear approved safety equipment at all times including but not limited to, helmet, goggles, leg and arm protection, gloves and hearing protection. 2. Always check for proper functioning of your equipment including steering, brakes, drive train, tires, throttle, kill switch and all fasteners. 3. Perform all necessary repairs and maintenance before operation. 4. Keep hands and any other body parts and any foreign objects clear of moving parts, including chain or spindle drive. 5. Never fuel a hot engine. After fueling, before starting, keep container at least 10 feet away. 6. Use caution when handling gasoline. Use only recommended fuels. 7. NOT operate gas scooters without adequate ventilation (Internal combustion engines produce toxic fume, dangerous when indoors). 8. Not operate motorized scooters on wet surfaces. 9. Not operate motorized scooters if you are impaired in any way. 10. Not wear any loose clothing or articles, which could become entangled in the unit. 11. If under 18 years of age only operate motorized scooters/eletcric pedal assisted bikes with adult supervision. (Required at all times). 12. Not double ride. All products offered here are intended for use by one operator. 13. Not to operate at night or when visibility is limited, and to avoid busy areas and steep inclines. 14. If pregnant or if any other health concerns exist, consult a physician before using a motorized scooter. 15. When braking, lean back to maximize control. Never lock the front brake, doing so will cause loss of steering control. 16. Not attempt to use or permit the use of this product unless the user has proven ability and skill in the control of a non-motorized scooter or non-assisted bike of a similar type.

If you do not completely understand the warranty, liability agreement or any of the Terms and Conditions set forth on this page, please consult an attorney before purchasing a motorized scooter. Remember to always wear a helmet and protective gear. We are not liable for injury resulting from the use of this or any other product. The purchaser of any product offered on this web site agrees that he or she fully understands and agrees to be bound by all of the terms and conditions set forth on this web page and also agrees to submit any disputes arising out of operation or use of any product offered here to arbitration. To validate warranty registration the purchaser of a motorized scooter may be required to sign, initial and return a form provided by A-ZSOURCES.COM and/or the original distributor/manufacturer that outlines all of the terms and conditions set forth on this web page by A-ZSOURCES.COM and/or the original distributor/manufacturer. The signature of a parent or guardian may be required if purchaser is under the age of 18.

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