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Policy & Terms of Use - Returns/Cancellations Policy:

Returns/Cancellations Policy:

All our online and store sales are final. No refunds. Exchanges are allowed if the product is returned in the original package un-used. Shipping and handling fees as well as return shipping charges are not refundable unless otherwise stated elsewhere in page.

Send all warranty claims via email to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This warranty does not cover or warranty damage to the unit caused by: 1. For gas scooter only, lack of lubrication or engine failure due to the use of two stroke oils other than recommended two-cycle engine oil. Use 25:1 two stroke motor cycle type oil. Engine problems due to inadequate lubrication caused by failure to use 25:1 two-cycle engine oil will void this warranty. 2. For gas scooter only, damage caused by use of gasohol containing methyl (wood) alcohol or gasoline other than the kind recommended in the operation manual. The prescribed mixing ratio of gasoline to oil is 25:1. 3. Defects, malfunction, or failures resulting from abuse, misuse, modifications, alterations, improper storage, use of unauthorized attachments including failure to provide or perform required maintenance services as prescribed in the owners/ operators manual. Preventive maintenance is the warranty holder's responsibility. 4. Damage caused by dirt or corrosion in all of this forms, including, but not restricted to rust, salt water, varnish and moisture. 5. Failure to follow the setup, pre-delivery service, and adjustments outlined in operator's manual. 6. Parts not warranted that are normal maintenance items such as spark plugs, filters, lubricants, engine tune-ups, spark arrestor screen, starter cords, tires, bearings and spindles. 7. Bearing damage caused by improper tire inflation. (Spindle should not slip while driving rear tire). 8. Damage caused by pressure, or steam cleaning of the product. 9. General wear and tear. 10. Damage caused during any form of racing, commercial use, crash damage included but not limited to fork or F.T.C damage or any use deemed improper by A-ZSOURCES.COM or the original distributor/manufacturer, acting reasonably. 

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